Go On! Take It Off!


That’s right…you can give yourself permission to hit the pool or beach with pride in your body —no matter what you weigh right now. It’s all a matter of who you give your power to and a shift in your own perspective.

I was at the YMCA the other day in a high intensity interval training class (H.I.I.T) and the teacher said, “Okay ladies let’s works on our abs—summer’s bathing suit season is just around the corner!


There were a lot of groans following what he said. Loader groans than usual because most of us groan a lot in this class. He had hit a vulnerable cord with most of the women of this class made up of all different ages and sizes.

In my hypnotherapy practice I also hear a lot of groans around this subject at this time of year. Often clients are ashamed of the way their body looks in the clothes of summer. They feel more comfortable hiding under layers of clothes. They want to wait until they are at their ideal weight and fitness level to give themselves permission to wear shorts or a bathing suit.

The irony is that in our culture, the idea of what “looks good” is so wired into our minds as an unachievable ideal. Even when we successfully release weight, we still don’t feel good enough about our bodies to give ourselves permission to “take it off” because we are afraid of the way others will perceive them. Often someone will reach their ideal weight only to think it is not enough because they do not look “good yet”.


I invite you to see that you can have a fabulous summer, running around in whatever clothes you choose, but what you are going to “take off” isn’t the fat as much as it is the Fat Thinking that keeps you imprisoned in this idea of who you have to be in order to be loved and socially acceptable.

I invite you to begin Thin Thinking about your body—loving your body for where it is today and not worrying so much what others will think.  The more self acceptance that you create within yourself the more confident you become. Then you can begin to love yourself ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SCALE—(not just when you get to that magic number at the bottom—wherever and whenever that may be).

Give yourself permission to “take it off”(the Fat Thinking and ideas of perfection) before you “take it off” and those other people’s thoughts about you and your shape—be can go jump in the pool!

My struggle with my body and body image went on for decades.  It is amazing to me that I can have fun in a bathing suit, when just the thought of putting one on would fill me with horror years ago before my own shift in thinking and released forty pounds.

The shift in thinking came before the weight though, not after. I had to learn to accept my body as it was and love it cellulite and all in order to love myself down the scale.

You see it wasn’t bad enough that I had to look at my body in the mirror or feel my thighs and butts shake like little 3.2 tremors on the earthquake scale every time I took a step—I really used to worry that others would be super grossed out and not able to have a good time anywhere near me.  That is until I found out THE SECRET.

No not the secret that book and internet movie about the laws of attraction. No, the real secret that unlocks your ability to strut around a pool (cellulite tremors and all) without even a cover up is: what people think about your body is really none of your business!!!

When I struggled with my weight and body image I consistently had the FAT THINKING that people needed me to have a firm and non-cellulite infested butt and thighs in order to be deemed worthy and in order for them to have a good time around the vicinity of my butt and thighs.

Why?  Well because anything less was not acceptable.  But here’s the real question—who is it not acceptable to?  Is it not acceptable to the other people, or to me?

I was so caught up in their thought process that I gave all of my power away to them.  I spent summers covered from head to toe, never letting myself roam around freely and happily in my own skin because of my fear of what others my think of me.

The absurd irony is that I had no control over those stranger’s thoughts—AND I NEVER WOULD!  Talk about disempowered FAT THINKING in action!! Then a mentor of mine gave me some powerful coaching—some THIN THINKING– and I use it to this day.

Real freedom comes from the fact that most people are so absorbed in their own bodies and lives that even if they do look at me in all of my now 50-year-old-far-from-firm-glory that their thoughts will go directly back to themselves through their filter of their own body WITHOUT ANOTHER THOUGHT OF ME AND MY JIGGLEY BITS
In reality, at pools, and gyms, and any other places where you find your body on display you can revel in the fact that people are so self-involved their own body that any thought of you will be fleeting. Especially in LA, I can assure you, that the thought of you and your body will be even more minuscule because people here are even more narcissistic and self-involved!  Way to go LA!

See, there is a positive side to all of the self-absorbed people here—they could care less about your thighs! So rip off that towel at the pool and have some fun! Enjoy your body in this wonderful summer sun because what other people think about your butt is really none of your business—so butt out!!

TAKE OFF the Fat Thinking so you can enjoy TAKING OFF the clothes before you TAKE OFF all your weight—and TAKE ON loving your body where you are today!

Repeat 10 times each night this week before you go to sleep:


I promise you, Shift happens even at the pool.

 xo Rita

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