Stop! Thief!!

Stop! Thief!

As you head out for your summer travels, I want to warn you about two thieves that are out there waiting to rob you blind and ruin your summer holiday experience.  Those thieves are your Inner Critic and your Inner Rebel.

That’s right– these two mental criminals work together masterfully and catch you by surprise.  First, the Inner Rebel appears—disguised in such fun time holiday thoughts as…

-“It’s my holiday I am going to let my hair down and drink three Pina Coladas with the umbrella!”

-“I have to try the local fudge…and pastries…and bread and cheese…it would be wrong not to since I will never get to taste this fudge again and I am sure it’s waaaaay different than the fudge I can get at home.”

-“Exercise?  Ha!  Lifting the beers to my mouth while I lie on the beach is all the exercise that I will be doing!”

Next, the Inner Critic swoops in spoils your fudge buzz …the Inner Critic is not so disguised and can really hit you hard with such thoughts as…

“Ugh, why did you eat that fudge, you didn’t even like that fudge, now you feel gross and it’s all your fault—you have no self control!”

“You said you were going to exercise on this vacation and you haven’t even gone on a walk, no wonder that’s why you feel so flabby!  Lazy bones—you blew it!”

“You can never manage being away—you are as out of control on vacation as you are at home!”

You can see when these two vacation thieves work in tandem, things get grim fast!  I remember when I struggled with my own weight, I would spend many vacations letting my hair down and then beating myself up, letting my hair down again and then beating myself up again.

I paid good money to be in a gorgeous holiday setting but it all looked like the prison of my own FAT THINKING too me.  That is why I urge you to plan ahead to be successful on your holidays.

Here are a few things to remember to stay in THIN THINKING:

1.  Remember to HAVE A VISION of feeling light and vibrant the day following the day you get back from your vacation. (not sluggish and bloated).

2. Remember to HAVE A PLAN as to how to make that vision a reality—
-Exercise (how much will you try to achieve on a daily basis?)
-Focus on getting lots of fruits and veggies, keep the starchy carbs to a minimum as they trigger the “eat more-I’m more hungry” valve in the brain.

3) MAKE A DECISION ABOUT YOUR OUTCOME— about how to stay within your calories budget for release or maintenance (make the decision early whether you are going to release or maintain this week).

4. Remember to show up for yourself with power thoughts by staying connected to your Inner Coach.
Here are some powerful Inner Coach Travel Thoughts:
-“If I eat that now how will I feel three hours from now?  Will that really make me feel good?”
-“If I walk for an hour I can treat myself to a local treat.”
-“I know I am going out tonight so I will eat more light and protein based meals earlier to save room for the calories.”

Personally, when I travel, it’s important for me to keep my blood sugar levels stable not only for my weight maintenance but for my brain.  I have happier saner thoughts and feelings when I keep away from the refined foods and keep my body and brain nourished with healthy fiber-filled and protein based foods.  I don’t know what is going to be out there on the road and gas stations are notorious junk food palaces so here is a list of what I always bring:

-Zen fiber cakes from TJs (80 cals each and full of fiber—great snack on road)
-Munchy veggies like carrots, peppers, sugar peas
-Mozzarella cheese sticks
-Little bags of almonds (portion control)
-Hard boiled eggs (great easy road protein source)
-Greek yogurt
-Air blown popcorn
-Turkey jerky

Also, I bring my workout clothes and make a point to move somehow—somewhere, if I can, because exercise =happy body= happy brain.

How are you going to set yourself and your brain and body up for a sane, shifted, enjoyable holiday??

Have a great and restful August!
Oxox Rita


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