You Call That Hard?

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You Call That Hard? An easy technique to keep you consistent with your weight release

Happy Labor Day! In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I want to explore the idea of labor and how the idea of what it takes to release weight is seen as “hard work” by so many people who struggle with their weight.

As a hypnotherapist working with people in that struggle, one of the main ways that I see people make things difficult for themselves with the day in and out of weight release is that they market weight loss to themselves as “hard”. When we focus on the less glamorous aspects of weight loss most of the time, “it’s hard” becomes a hardwired association in our
“Exercise is hard. I don’t like to sweat.”
“Eating less is hard. I am afraid I will get hungry and feel stressed.”
“Dieting is tough when I am out with my family and friends.”
Is it any wonder why you might find it hard to stay on track when you see the act of weight release in such an unfriendly, laborious, and unglamorous light?
What if we looked at weight release from a different perspective…through a more powerful lens? Using a mind technique called “reframing”, we can choose to market weight release to ourselves in a more inviting, exciting and less laborious light and see that staying with the fattening and seductive habits that keep us struggling is really the hard work.
Hard is…

…struggling with yourself about your weight
…being tired because of your weight
…having aches and pain because of your weight
…having low or no confidence because of your weight
…beating yourself up because of your weight
…huffing and puffing after a few stairs or a light work out
…thinking about how your flabby bits feel about 100+ times a day
…wondering if your kids are ashamed of you
…sitting in doctor’s offices for weight related issues
…taking medications for weight related issues
…hating your body
…not knowing why you aren’t losing weight
…feeling out of control with food
…feeling stressed because you have to get dressed and have nothing to wear
…trying to put a smiley face when you feel awful about yourself and the world
…running out to buy some sugary, salty, fatty, carbs in the night when you swore you wouldn’t do that again
…worrying about how others will perceive you
…wondering if you are “fat” or not
…being afraid to weigh yourself but then always wondering what you weigh
…being mad at yourself because you went to bed after a binge swearing today you were going to be “good”.
…thinking you are insane because you know how to lose weight but you don’t seem to be able to do it as much as you say you want to
…fearful that it is always going to be this way

Now that’s hard!


When you Shift out of the “it’s hard” limiting belief and see in a new way all the benefits that come from creating your own powerful healthy lifestyle, you begin to see that all the things that may have seemed “hard”—like exercise, nourishing yourself with healthy foods, tracking your food and being consistent day after day–are a joy.

JOY is…
…showing up for yourself every day
…feeling good about yourself because you are connected to your wise inner coach and not the harsh critic or the chaotic rebel
…feeling light by making yourself and your health a priority
…filling your body with foods that serve you both nutritionally and taste wise too
…building confidence daily by repeating the best practices of weight release
…the feeling you get from truly being in your body during exercise
…easily bounding up the stairs
…feeling the flabby bits shrinking
…knowing your kids are proud of you for making positive changes in yourself
…only seeing your doctor for your annual check up and having them be amazed at your great blood work and lab results
…throwing away medications for weight related issues because you no longer need them
…creating a loving relationship with body parts you once hated
…being able to predict your weight release because you are accurately tracking your food and exercise
…feeling in control of your food intake
…feeling happy because you have to get dressed and can reach in your closet and pick out anything and you know it will fit—year after year after year
…wearing a smiley face because this is how you feel inside as well
…feeling your feelings instead of eating over them
…having no concerns about how others will perceive you
…feeling good and powerful in your body
…having a powerful relationship with the scale because you know what to expect because you have been tracking your food and exercise
…happy because you know if can always be this way as long as you stay Shifted out of disempowered Fat thinking and in powerful Thin thinking.

Do you see how changing the focus changes your entire outlook and the way you see the act of managing your weight and taking care of you from drudgery to divine?

Here is a quick three step process to start breaking the habit of seeing weight loss as hard work and to begin re-framing it as a powerful act of self-care


1. Intercept the “HARD” with a breath: Taking a deep breath interrupts the negative though pattern and grounds you in the moment.

2. Label the Thought: Take a moment to tune in to how you are speaking to yourself about weight and label it as such. This separates the thought from something that is real to just a thought that is a bad idea.

“There’s that negative thought that getting up to exercise is hard and I don’t like to sweat.”

3. Reframe to a thought that gets you excited to make a positive action—focused on how good you will feel: Why advertise the sweat when you can advertise the glory instead? Focus your mind on the positive outcome of your actions and how great it feels when you show up for yourself.

I am focusing on how great I am going to feel after my walk, and even the sweat will feel good when I am proud of myself for taking care of myself.”

Using this easy mind flip trick consistently when negative or critical thoughts emerge can help you break the negative feeling you have associated with keeping yourself motivated with your weight release.

Remember the choice between “hard” and “joy” is just one Shift away. This Labor Day, when faced with a seductive fattening food that might tempt you into overeating, here is a great REFRAMING QUESTION to ask yourself…

 What do I want to feel?
-Good in the moment while I eat the indulgent treat
-Good about myself later for abstaining from the treat

Have a Shifted Labor Day!!

OX Rita


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