Forget Resolution and Try a Deeper “Evolution” Instead


Happy New Year!  I hope that you are planning to bring in the infant 2016 with a healthy BANG!!!  As you are trying to wrap your mind around writing 2016 on everything instead of 2015, I thought I would just remind you not to get too caught up in starting the New Year with a resolution to be perfect on a diet now that 2016 has rolled around.

It always puts an ironic smile on my face when I shop at Trader Joes over the holiday season. They put the most tempting and decadent foods  in your eye line up until January 1: peppermint stuffed Oreos, caramel and truffle filled chocolates, chips and dips.  But by New Year’s, all the hedonistic holiday foods have been miraculously replaced by angelically pure and healthy mountains of protein drinks, bags of organic kale and nutrition bars in order to cash in on the health conscious New Year’s Resolutioners.

Of course by the end of the month of January, most new health club memberships and cans of protein powder are collecting “resolution dust” in the back of a closet as life goes back to “normal”.

Have you ever wondered why New Year’s resolutions sadly go the way of the fad diet–gone and forgotten within a few weeks???  Because resolutions only engage the conscious 12% of our brain–the analytic willpower “I want” part of us.
Here are some common resolutions–

I will quit smoking
I want to stop eating crap
I will start exercising
I will yell at my kids less
I will cut down on my drinking
I will stop spending so much money!

Unfortunately the subconscious mind, the other 88%, is the beliefs and habits part of the mind. This part of the mind hasn’t heard any of your resolutions. The unconscious mind is wired to keep everything going on in the same old way—failed resolution year after failed resolution year.


When we create a vision of who we want to be, and really feel how becoming that vision would feel and step into that vision with 100% belief, it changes how we see ourselves. Instead of forcing change from our willpower mind (12%), we can use both our conscious and subconscious 100% brain to commit to evolving into the person we want to become in 2016 instead.

Why does a vision impact out our subsconscious?

-It uses our imagination-
-It engages our emotions
-It changes our beliefs of ourselves

Our beliefs, emotions and imagination all exist in our subconscious and therefore creating a heartfelt vision of who you want to evolve into for 2016 engages all of you and not just the measly 12% willpower brain. Take that resolutions!


 I am going to use myself as an example. The last two years I have been writing the book version of my hypnosis based weight management program called The Shift Weight Mastery Process.

This year I am evolving into the author who launches that book to the world!

Just “publishing” the book in my mind does not excite me too much. In fact, the idea of publishing can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. But, by visualizing myself with the book in my hand, giving it to people that I know will be served by this process that is the culmination of my life’s work, and being able to serve so many more people in this way —this vision excites me and inspires me to want to:

-Wake up at 4 every morning to work on it

-Push past old ideas of myself “I can’t write”

-Push past real life challenges “I don’t have time”

-Stay focused! (for instance I have avoided watching things like “Madmen” because it would be too distracting away from my evolution. After the book launch is when I get to binge watch Madmen and not am moment before!)

I want to offer you walk these key steps that I have been using to create my evolution:


1–Be specific.  This may be a “by when?” or “how many?” For me, I have September 20th, 2016 as the exact date that I become the author who launches The Shift Weight Mastery Process out to the world.

When we set vague goals, our mind stays unengaged– “trying to lose weight” or “hoping to exercise” will not cut it—I assure you. Engage your evolution vision by getting specific—

Who are you evolving into? (A published author)

What is your evolution about? (Bringing “the Shift” to more people who need it).

When is to going to come to fruition? (September 20th 2016)

Where is the evolution happening? (Starts here in Los Angeles and moves out from there—the moon?  Mars?)

Why is this evolution important to your and how will it evolve you?? (This evolution is part of my mission to help people out of the weight struggle and into weight mastery. It evolves me because I have to take a bigger stand, be more committed and more exposed and out there with my teachings, hypnosis and my mission)

2–Be real with yourself.  Set goals that resonate with all parts of you. Forget the “should”—this word is banned from the evolution process.

I “should have been published by now” only causes me distress and rains on my creativity. I have taken a while to write the book because I needed it to take this long.  I have been focused for almost 3 years but have never felt overwhelmed—it has been a life changing process.

I find when people set unrealistic expectations about weight loss or goals in general, it usually overwhelms and scares the unconscious and we “shut down” instead of getting inspired.

Be kind to yourself and smart about what is really possible. Slow and steady usually wins the race—think about the process of human evolution—it’s pretty darn slow!

3–Create adventure–make your vision sexy!

Creating a bland and boring vision of evolution just isn’t going to cut it—you need to excite yourself, scare yourself, inspire yourself to become MORE OF YOU! I think when we strive to become more of who we feel we were put on this planet to be, it is usually the most motivating starting point for creating an evolution and will endure.

For me, my book has been and will continue to force me to express myself and my work and to communicate to weight strugglers everywhere.  That is something that gets me up every morning.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? That is usually a good starting question.

Yeah baby—I feel an evolution coming on!!!


Here are some sexy EVOLUTIONS to try on rather than the sad resolutions stated above

-I will quit smoking EVOLVES INTO I am becoming a non-smoker.
VISION: I am finding more healthy and productive ways of self-soothing–which will give me more confidence–a feeling that I can do anything!!!

-I want to stop eating crap EVOLVES INTO I am becoming more health conscious.

VISION: The more alive and whole foods I put into my body the more alive and whole it will feel!!!

-I will yell at my kids less EVOLVES INTO I will become a more patient parent

VISION: I imagine communicating effectively with my children and truly having a family based on the word team.  I desire to be a model for them. I will respect myself and them so that they can do the same.

So, as you are making those 2016 resolution lists, do yourself a favor and “Shift” from resolution to EVOLUTION!!

May all of your evolutions create amazing Shifts in your lives, the community, our nation and the world at large!!  Start with yourself and make a Shift and see how the world changes because of it.

Alone we diet—together we SHIFT!

Happy New Year 2016!!!




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