[Video] How Do I Stay Consistent with Exercise?

Greetings from the Desk of Rita Black,

I have just started going to Jazz dance class at my local YMCA with my daughter. We laugh at ourselves a lot because there are really good dancers in the class and we are obviously beginners. We stick with it though and have fun. It’s joyful to move to music – even if my version of the teacher’s dance steps is way off!

I took dance many years ago when I struggled with my weight but never stuck with it. I would get half way through the class and come up with some excuse why I had to leave. That was the way I was with most of my attempts at exercise.  I would give up before I got going or I would start something for a bit but then I would get distracted by something and fall off my routine and find it hard to get back.


Have you been struggling with staying consistent with exercise? You are not alone!  This is one of the many complaints that I hear from prospective weight management clients: “Why do I get going with exercise but then fall off?  It’s so hard to get back on track again!”

You are in for a treat. I recently interviewed Health and Fitness Expert JJ Flizanes about this.

Listen to this interview with JJ and:

  • Understand what may be keeping you from consistency with exercise.
  • Get inspired to create a more powerful relationship with exercise.
  • Look at exercise in a whole new and motivational way!

Exercise Consistency with Health Expert J.J. Flizanes from Rita Black on Vimeo.

Here is the link to sign up for JJ’s FREE MANIFESTATION CHALLENGE that she mentions—it’s coming up in August: http://jjflizanes.com/free-tools-resources/

LINK TO JJ’S Next Big Step Retreat

Have a great weekend! Get out there and move…and maybe I will see you in my Jazz Class??

Alone we Diet—Together we Shift!

ox Rita Black


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