About Me

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Why am I so passionate about The Shift Weight Mastery Process?

I know the pain and frustration of struggling with weight myself.  I know the feeling of being overweight even as a kid–being called “Thunder Thighs” by classmates. I felt humiliated–even worse, I felt afraid because I didn’t know how to change. 

For years, I struggled up and down the scale 20-30 lbs., losing enough to get invited to my prom and then gaining so much weight that I couldn’t zip my prom dress up on prom night. I hit a wall in my late 20s with dieting and knew that if I was ever going to end this struggle with my weight, it had to come from me. That’s when I started my own personal “Shift”.

After successfully using hypnosis to quit smoking, I decided to try it for weight loss. The dramatic Shift I felt–taking back control over my life–prompted me to study further and dedicate myself to sharing these powerful tools with others. This was not just a diet–my brain actually was thinking differently. I learned to be creative about what I ate without the struggle and stress. I learned to problem solve when things didn’t go perfectly with the food–instead of hiding my head in the “I’ll start the diet again tomorrow” mentality. Most of all, I Shifted out of that cycle of feeling bad about myself–beating myself up for not being perfect. And the weight came off and stayed away. I have maintained my weight for over 16 years now, even through having two kids.

Over the past 15 years, the Shift Weight Mastery Process, a 30 Day Process combining hypnosis and cognitive coaching has worked to help hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off without the struggle of dieting. I call it Shifting from Fat Thinking to Thin Thinking.

I continue to work on ways to bring this program to more people, beyond my office. A book is in the works and after a long (and very successful) test period, I am launching my home program “Shift in A Box”. I like to think of a world where we are all on a journey to health, to mastery, to connection and the journey isn’t driven by fear or self hate but by feeling good, showing up for ourselves, authenticity, self respect and self love. Please join me to make this our reality.



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